Lantra Awards is a National Awarding and Accrediting Body which operates predominantly in the Land based, Highways and Environmental Sectors.

"Our aim is to provide an innovative and responsive qualifications and awarding service, building on more than 30 years of experience in the provision of training and assessment.

Lantra Awards courses are delivered exclusively through a network of registered training providers and instructors who are approved individually for the delivery of specific courses. So you can be sure that people who are properly qualified and experienced will train you.

Money is tight and time is precious. Despite these constraints, the importance of training is universally recognised as the key to improved skills, business performance and profitability.

Employers who invest effectively in training report:

Higher productivity
Less waste

With around 50,000 learners a year attending our courses and attaining our qualifications, Lantra Awards also offers a range of products to the land-based and environmental sector as well as related industries such as highways and construction".

‘High quality, nationally recognised training’

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